“EAT THIS” took place on December 14th in Salon Similde. It was my first proper exhibit in Leipzig and the first of hopefully many future collaborations with Nalalia Kalicki. The show included a selection of our paintings and sculptures, hidden “misfortune” messages for guests to discover, a collection of novelty items and a prototype of our collaborative piece entitled “The Restaurant”, a parody of fine dining culture which featured Smurf Potato Oranges and Edible Earth.

A big “Thank you!” to everyone who came, to everyone who helped and to the folks at Salon Similde for hosting us!


“A Strange Audience” – Veo




“Omnomnom” – Veo




“Night at the Seaside Theater” – Veo




“Maskerade Study I” – Veo


Kalicki & Veo


Portraits – Veo & Kalicki


Veo & Kalicki


“Soba” – Kalicki


“The Restaurant” – Veo & Kalicki


“The Restaurant” – Veo & Kalicki


Edible Earth, Yum!

One Thought on “EAT THIS Exhibition with Natalia Kalicki”

  • Congratulations to both! I hope you can have more fruitful collaborations, your styles go well together. I look forward to following what comes next.

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