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I was born in France in 1988 but was raised in rural Quebec.  I moved to Montreal in 2009 and began painting seriously in 2013.  My interest in painting was fueled for the most part by a fascination with the works of masters such as Rembrandt, Velázquez, Repin, Sargent and Nerdrum.  From the beginning, my goal has been to learn as much as I could from studying their work in order to reach a point where I could confidently depict the imaginary scenes that are meaningful to me in a realistic and evocative manner.  In 2014, I received a generous grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation to study traditional drawing and painting techniques at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.  After a year of intense study in the birthplace of the Renaissance, I moved to Leipzig to establish my own painting studio.  I now continue to work independently; discovering, learning and (hopefully) improving along the way.



Awards & Prizes

2016     Winner of the Certificate of Excellence from the Palm-Art Award
2014     Grantee of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Soloshow – S1, Leipzig

Group Exhibitions

2017     EAT THIS, in collaboration with Natalia Kalicki – Salon Similde, Leipzig
2017     Open Studio Tour – Franz-Flemming-Str, Leipzig
2017     Tour de Franz – Franz-Flemming-Str Open Studios, Leipzig
2015     From Ground to Sky – Musée Missisquoi, Stanbridge East, QC
2014     Mid-Term Exhibition – Russian Academy of Art, Florence
2014     COMBINE 2014 – FOFA Gallery, Montreal
2014     Beyond Contours – W.G. Flowers Art Gallery, Montreal
2014     Childhood’s End – Gallerie Carte Blanche, Montreal


2015     CA – Russian Academy of Art, Florence, Italy
2014     BFA – Painting & Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal
2009     BA – Philosophy, Université de Sherbrooke & Université de Montréal
2007     DEC – Applied Sciences, CEGEP de Sherbrooke