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Artist’s Statement


There exists a divide, today, between the craft-oriented artist who relies heavily on the lessons of tradition to tell stories using a figurative visual language and the concept-orientated artist whose main concern is the transmission of abstract ideas using whatever means necessary.  Both types of art deal with symbols, but whereas the former speaks in mostly recognizable symbols, the latter is constantly creating new ones which frequently require an abstract theoretical framework to be properly understood. Accordingly, the distinction as to what does and does not qualify as art is increasingly being blurred.  As an artist and craftsperson, I am tempted to describe myself as an artisan rather than as an artist as a way of underlining my interest in traditional techniques and modes of representation and of distinguishing myself from the modern conceptual artist.

I believe that art can and must have a positive impact on the individual and ultimately on society through the depiction both of life’s beauty and of it’s ugliness. I also believe that figurative art has much more potential at achieving this than most conceptual art because it speaks in terms that almost anyone can recognize and ultimately relate to.  At it’s best, art should stimulate the imagination and lead the viewer along a narrative path into the artist’s mind where he will be confronted with new ideas and perspectives on himself and the world.  This is a tall order, but it’s what I strive to achieve with my paintings.



I was born in France in 1988 but was raised in rural Quebec.  I moved to Montreal in 2009 and began painting seriously in 2013.  My interest in painting was fueled for the most part by a fascination with the works of masters such as Rembrandt, Velázquez, Repin, Sargent and Nerdrum.  From the beginning, my goal has been to learn as much as I could from studying their work in order to reach a point where I could confidently depict the imaginary scenes that are meaningful to me in a realistic and evocative manner.  In 2014, I received a generous grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation to study traditional drawing and painting techniques at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.  After a year of intense study in the birthplace of the Renaissance, I moved to Leipzig to establish my own painting studio.  I now continue to work independently; discovering, learning and (hopefully) improving along the way.



Awards & Prizes

2016     Winner of the Certificate of Excellence from the Palm-Art Award
2014     Grantee of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Group Exhibitions

2017     EAT THIS, in collaboration with Natalia Kalicki – Salon Similde, Leipzig
2017     Open Studio Tour – Franz-Flemming-Str, Leipzig
2017     Tour de Franz – Franz-Flemming-Str Open Studios, Leipzig
2015     From Ground to Sky – Musée Missisquoi, Stanbridge East, QC
2014     Mid-Term Exhibition – Russian Academy of Art, Florence
2014     COMBINE 2014 – FOFA Gallery, Montreal
2014     Beyond Contours – W.G. Flowers Art Gallery, Montreal
2014     Childhood’s End – Gallerie Carte Blanche, Montreal


2015     CA – Russian Academy of Art, Florence, Italy
2014     BFA – Painting & Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal
2009     BA – Philosophy, Université de Sherbrooke & Université de Montréal
2007     DEC – Applied Sciences, CEGEP de Sherbrooke