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Artist’s Statement

Art, today, is often a vague term. The Art that I love and strive to create, however, has a very clear meaning. It is the art of light and shadow rendered in line and dab. It is the art of perception, imitation and recognition in the human mind and of limitless imagination. It is the art of Bosch, of Velázquez, of Michelangelo, of Goya, of Jean Giraud, of Hokusai and of the countless others who have walked in their footsteps.  Theirs, as mine, is the concern of telling, in purely visual terms, a story. It is also our concern to study Nature, to learn from her and to mimic her. There is joy in this. And in the experience of recognizing what the artist has depicted. The Art I love depicts and celebrates beauty, whatever that may be. And it equally serves to depict ugliness and horror. A good artwork says “Look.  I was here.  This is what I saw.”. It leads you, beyond the canvas, into the artist’s mind.


I was born in France in 1988 but was raised in rural Quebec.  I moved to Montreal in 2009 and began painting seriously in 2013.  My interest in painting was fueled for the most part by a fascination with the works of masters such as Rembrandt, Velázquez, Repin, Sargent and Nerdrum.  From the beginning, my goal has been to learn as much as I could from studying their work in order to reach a point where I could confidently depict the imaginary scenes that are meaningful to me in a realistic and evocative manner.  In 2014, I received a generous grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation to study traditional drawing and painting techniques at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.  After a year of intense study in the birthplace of the Renaissance, I moved to Leipzig to establish my own painting studio.  I now continue to work independently; discovering, learning and (hopefully) improving along the way.

Awards & Prizes

  • Winner of the Certificate of Excellence from the Palm-Art Award – 2016
  • Grantee of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation – 2014

Group Exhibitions

  • Tour de Franz – Franz-Flemming-Str Open Studios, Leipzig – May 2017
  • From Ground to Sky – Musée Missisquoi, Stanbridge East, QC – June 2015
  • COMBINE 2014 – FOFA Gallery, Montreal – October 2014
  • Beyond Contours – W.G. Flowers Art Gallery, Montreal – June 2014
  • Childhood’s End – Gallerie Carte Blanche, Montreal – March 2014


  • CA – Russian Academy of Art, Florence, Italy, 2014-15
  • BFA – Painting & Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal, 2013-14
  • BA – Philosophy, Université de Sherbrooke & Université de Montréal, 2007-2009
  • DEC – Applied Sciences, CEGEP de Sherbrooke, 2005-2007